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Buzz B-Gone Trap

Buzz B-Gone Trap

You Deserve
to Be Bug-Free

Buzz B-Gone Trap

Buzz B-Gone Trap

  • Attracts, traps, and kills annoying insects
  • Keeps you free from itchy, irritating bites
  • harmful chemicals
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Compact and portable

Toxic Bug Spray is a Thing of the Past

No one enjoys wearing bug spray to keep pests away. It’s sticky, uncomfortable, and full of unhealthy chemicals.

That's why there's the Buzz B-Gone Trap. It’s the must-have alternative to gross bug spray, and it works. This popular insect killer will keep you and your loved ones protected from bugs that want to ruin your day.


  • USB-powered Conveniently plugs into any USB-supported power source for use nearly anywhere. If it has a USB port, you can operate Buzz B-Gone Trap.

  • 360-degree suction fan Attracted by the LED light, mosquitoes and other insects get sucked into the reservoir by the suction fan, and there they remain until they dehydrate and die.

  • Completely safe!
    No harmful chemicals.
    100% safe to use around children and pets. You’ll never have to use sticky, toxic bug spray again!


Buzz B-Gone Trap is the perfect accessory that makes outdoor activities better. No pesky mosquitoes or flying insects bothering you and your guests. No itchy, infected bites on you or your children. And no more toxic bug spray!

Buzz B-Gone Trap is redeeming the warm-weather seasons for thousands of people around the world. Stop allowing mosquitoes to ruin your outdoor activities! Take the fun back with Buzz B-Gone.


  • Plug in the device
    via USB

  • Place it in an area where mosquitos gather, like your backyard or deck.

  • Let Buzz B-Gone Trap work its magic! It will instantly trap mosquitoes and other bugs, letting you enjoy a safe, bite-free environment!

  • Dump out the holding container and give it a quick rinse. It's that easy!


Buzz B-Gone Customers

  • Alan H. - Verified Buyer

    Star Star Star Star StarHalf

    It was really warm last Spring. The mosquitoes were out in full force, which made patio time much less enjoyable. I was skeptical that this insect killer would do the job but it actually works very well by reducing flying pests. Easy to empty and portable, too.

  • Dianne R. - Verified Buyer

    Star Star Star Star StarHalf

    Yes! We use it with our camping trailer and I don’t get bit when I’m sleeping at night. We also put it on our portable picnic table and it protects us and our dogs from those awful mosquitos. Love Buzz B-Gone - it makes camping that much better.

  • Michelle L. - Verified Buyer

    Star Star Star Star StarHalf

    This product really works! The first night I caught so many bugs. The one in the kitchen caught a few but the one near my plants caught so many and it has been full almost every night. Now barely any show up!

Buzz B-Gone Trap

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